Dear future known,

Maysam A.

-Since July 30th 2011-

Oh, sleepy 

Sleepy eyes

That are watching from afar.

Watching the devils and so-called angels 

Come and go.

Oh, you know who they really are,

Never a question asked nor a story shared or told

But its written in marvelous red writing

That catches every passer’s eyes

As though its a secret that must be told!

Oh! But it mustn’t!

For humans are selfish souls

Trapped in locked doors of empty rooms.

Oh don’t make me start! 

Don’t make me start blabbering and mumbling

About what they could do! Oh if they know!

Oh if they knew, then the others would know

And if the others would know, the others’ others would know!

Oh, and if they knew! I may just faint from the fear

Of knowing that others and others’ others have filled their room

With a piece of decor of mine.

Of mine.

Ariel Inspired

Waking up before dawn wasn’t always difficult. Some days, I was excited to see the darkness when waking up. It was ironic: I’d fall asleep when it was dark and wake up when it was dark, as if time stopped for me. Other days, I felt too weak to open my eyes, as if there were weights holding down my eyelids. Today was not one of those days. I woke up, again. I dragged myself out of the cold bed sheets. My eyes were still droopy but I felt rested. The moon was still up and the sky was still dark. Nobody was awake, the world was still, as if it was in a state of stasis. The air was cold and suddenly, I felt quite…lonely. Taking a deep breath only made the pain worse, but letting go of the breath soothed the pain.

            Crack of dawn was always cold, even if it wasn’t winter. I was walking to Ariel’s stable and created little clouds on the way there. They’d live when I lived, I’d create something with every breath I’d let go, but they’d leave when I felt the pain again. The warmth I felt on my lips from my miniature clouds gave me hope. The warmth would reassure me that I’d find happiness even if I let go of something, but then again, the happiness would just come and go. Ariel was my door to freedom. She was what I looked forward to on dark mornings like this one. Riding on her back at uncontrollable speeds only made me feel like I was flying and no one could stop me.

            Even from far, I could tell she was cold. Her eyelashes and dark eyes turned to me. Ariel let out a quiet sigh; I slowly opened the door to her stable. I looked at my helmet and riding gear that was hung near her. ‘There’s no need for that’ I thought. I got up on Ariel’s back and kicked and there we went, running towards nothing.

            Running towards nothing was our goal; we wanted to just free ourselves. Honestly, I hadn’t known where we were going, but that didn’t matter because for now, we were one. We ran, so quickly, as if there was nothing in our way.  Our legs were pounding the floor with such strength, as it if was our first time feeling the rush of running. We ran as if we had just been resurrected out of Mel’s Hole. We were alive again. The power from Ariel’s legs and thighs made me feel infinite, there was nothing I could not overcome.

            Dawn had found its way to us, the sun rose and filled the sky with blue faster than we realized. The blue was all one shade, nothing more, it seemed so empty without splotches of white. Everything was as clear as a still snow globe, at least the things at a far distance were, everything close by were unclear strokes. Beyond the trees and houses, we saw mountains. Mountains that showed how little we’ve travelled. Mountains that told us how much distance could be covered. We ran through berry farms, gardens, parks, and streets. Yet still, we haven’t gotten any closer to those mountains. They were running as well, away from us. But, we ran as if those things didn’t matter, as if there was more to life and we were determined to be the first to figure it out. We ran as though no one else was around. We ran and heard a child’s cry melt in the wall. We moved people aside, and our fear of crashing was gone. We ran and we crushed anything in our way as if it were meaningless, as if we were careless and…free.

            I let go. I let go of my hand, I let go of Ariel’s neck, I let go of my breath and I let go of my thoughts. There was nothing, I felt nothing, no pain or loneliness, just pure freedom. There was no bow to pull me pack, there was only a force giving me the power to move forward. I was the arrow and Ariel was the force, you were the bow, and I finally let go.

            The Earth spun and kept us running in the same spot. We began to slow down. Stopped; like the waters of the Hanging Gardens, we ran and then we stopped. We let the sun soak us before it could leave. Its heat was boiling. The air became denser. I looked up in hope of finer air. The sky turned to a tangy naranga-orange, then napoleonic red, and then into a royal purple. The sky was mixing colors for us. It was painting for us. It spilt one color after the next and spun them into swirls. We waited. The Starry Night was here again on her horse.


I’ve been waiting since the morning,

I heard there will be something

In the night sky tonight.

Imagined, it was a sight

I’d not want to miss.

Infinitely burning, 

It may seem, as it

Is powerless but is still

Inspirited on this planet.

The canvas is

Isolated except for that one that is

Inviting me to tell my wishes.

Instantly, my

Impatience disappears and 

I wish &

I wish six, & I

Intrusted it with all my hopes.

Inspiringly, the powerless light is the Queen,


Tick. Tock.

Ever wondered

What happen?

How slow

Life goes?

Just yesterday

You were

So young.

And now,

Even though

You’re older

You’re still

As young,

Compared to

The life

Still waiting

For you.

Every stage

Of you’re 

Life, you

Can never

Be fully

Satisfied and


When you were

Still a 

Child, you

Wished to

Be older.

So that

You could

See more

Of the world.

But now

As you

Are older,


Are restricted

From more,

You wish

To be 








For the

World is

Waiting for


But who

Said, you’re

Life is

As patient?


What goes up must come down.


Open the doors to the new world.

Let us smell the new scent fill our lost souls.

For which, we have been misleaded

By the evils of mankind.

By the crooked pathways

That caused us to trip

With every other step we take.

Let us endure the mysteries of tomorrow.

And ignore the mysteries we’re leaving behind

For those are the ones that have ignored our efforts

Those are the ones who we asked

But they never answered.

Let us start a new era in history.

Starting with creation of our grounds,

Stack the skies!

Build the trees!

Paint the clouds!

Stick the sun!

Let us start once again!


There is always room for dessert.